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How It Works

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Create your account

In order to register a device, you will have to create your account first which can be done through the account registration page. To create a new account, you can either login with your Google account, or choose a desired username and password along with your email address to complete the registration.

Create Account

Add your Device

After purchasing your Smart Button, from the Morrison sales team, you can visit your dashboard and add your device. For this purpose, you will need to submit the device ID that is printed on either sides of the device or its box. Afterwards, you will be able to configure and manage your device through its own management dashboard.

Add Device

Configuration and Utilization

As soon as your device is registered, you will be able to configure and manage it depending on your needs or the features provided by each device. It can be a simple alert SMS which is triggered when a data is sent by a device or purchase orders which are submitted with a push of a button.